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RheAbi is a fantasy, live action, role playing game that is played out in the public. With real people in your area. It is a contact game between two forces, the Mutants and the Normals, who are battling for supremacy, with the third party, the IPAII, as the referees, so to speak. The players are identified by the t-shirts or sweatshirts they are wearing. The set goals are to gain or rescue as many people from the other side as possible during each time the game is played. This is done by chasing the daylights out of each other so a red, for Mutant mutation, or green, for changing back to Normal, stickers can be stuck on the players' shirts. Players can only remove and/or place stickers on other players' shirts, never their own. The winners of each game will be the groups who have the most number of people they have either mutated or saved. The count will be done at the end of each game by counting the red or green stickers on the shirts. There should be only one color sticker left on each player's shirt.

RheAbi is a super simple micro LARP for all of you who are looking for a role playing game that won't take much money nor long trips to join.  It is a light hearted LARP you can play every weekend if you want to, and played anywhere in any neighborhood across the country. This is a game you can role play during the down times from your more intense LARPS you engage in once or twice a year. It's just for fun and inexpensive. What more could a LARPER want? So sign up for your weekly email instructions, get your membership shirt and your stickers, and let's have some fun.

The only dues to become a member of the game is to purchase at least one ID shirt for the game. This is to be worn in each game you play. This can be a one time purchase for the duration of your RheAbi membership. But if your shirt gets so torn or worn out beyond recognition from all the games you've rough-housed through, then it must be replaced. You can also get all the proper shirts for each side of the game, if you want. They are not expensive.  These can be bought at our store CafePress/steinsdesigns.    A 'JOIN NOW' link is also provided below.  By clicking on that link, you are agreeing to our Terms of Use. It will also take you directly to our store for your shirts. Those who want to be Mutants or Normals will have to purchase the red and green stickers. Doesn't matter what type of stickers as long as they are these two colors. Buying the cheapest ones is a good move.    The game groups are:

IPAII   (International Patrol Against Illegal Infestation)

You only need to buy the shirts once unless your shirts get torn or destroyed in whatever manner. Or just worn out. Then they must be replaced. But the shirts must be purchased and worn in order to enter the game. You can choose to be only a Mutant, or a Normal, or an IPAII for all your games, if you want to. Or you can purchase all three t-shirts and all three sweatshirts in order to choose which you want to be for each game. Either way is okay, but you must purchase at least one shirt and wear it to enter, and begin, each game. Which faction you choose to be for each game will be determined by the shirt you are wearing at the beginning of each game. You do not have to change shirts if you are mutated or saved. The stickers will determine what you have become when each game is ended. The email link for your weekly instructions is up there with the welcome salutation. The blog link is up there, also.

In RheAbi, you will find a refreshing break from reality for a time while engaging/interacting with others of like minded spirit. It’s like an elaborate game of ‘Tag! You’re it!’ We hope you enjoy the game as much as we do.

Let us begin.                                                      

(The names used in this game are by no means of real people. They are completely fictional characters.)

THE BEGINNING (as reported by all news channels)
Breaking news! Reports are coming in from all over the world that a number of people are behaving in an unusual manner. The CDC has responded to our enquiries concerning this. Here is their report:

CDC Report:
It has come to our attention that two rogue scientists, Drs. Thomas Greene and John Stephon, were working together on experiments with rhesus monkeys to see what kind of genetic mutations they can create in them by using the new DNA editing technology, coupled with a DNA like substance garnered from the ALH 84001 meteorite considered to have come from Mars. The two scientists came up with an altered state gene that was accidentally loosed upon the public through one of the monkeys escaping. The monkey is now caught, but not before it had infected several individuals.

The gene acts like a virus, contagious through bacterial transfer. The only protection the public can have at this time is through the color green. But this is a tentative solution at this time.

Infected people will want badly to infect others, to mutate everyone around them. To them, it will seem to make life normal for them again. But their lives are not normal. They are mutants now. But they will appear normal. They will act normal, for a time. But they have become zombie-affective, incapable of voluntary thinking. In other words, they are so consumed with the desire to mutate others that they are not capable of contemplating anything else. They can’t work their jobs anymore. They can’t plan their lives. They can’t even remember their own family and friends anymore.

​Their mode of mutating others is by placing a red sticker on their victims. The sticker is infused with the mutating bacteria. Usually a quick pat on the back will be how they place the sticker on their victims, and they will be intent on giving it. We have recently learned their manner of behavior they usually implement toward their goal is this:
They will be coy. Will flirt. Then at the opportune moment, will press the sticker on the backs of their victims. When that is done, they will laugh gleefully and tell their victims they are now mutated. This behavior appears to not be under their control. And then they’ll run to their next victim.

The cure is:
The color green. It seems the vibration level of the color green opens up that part of the brain that activates the antibodies that will fight the mutation. Why this happens is unknown at this time, but our scientists are working diligently to find the answer. But the mutation victim must be tricked into wearing it. It must be placed anywhere on their shirts. The mutants will fight this very hard.
It is not certain at this time, but wearing green may be a way to avoid being attacked by the mutated. They may avoid you at all costs. However, some have been observed going after their chosen victims anyway. How they can do this is not known, either, at this time. It may only be that some people have a stronger constitution than others.

It is also not certain at this time, but it is believed by our scientists that eating or drinking any green foods and juices may help boost the antibodies in the brain that will fight the mutation. These must be real green foods, not simply colored green. It’s believed the chlorophyl in these foods is what protects from the infection. Our scientists are working on this, also. A list of foods is provided. Care must be taken against food allergies.

These foods must be eaten at least once daily for the chlorophyl to work, but the more often they are eaten, the stronger the protection. However, the knowledge we now have of our human bodies, it will depend on how the bodies of each individual will handle the greens. It may be that eaten once a day may not be enough for some people. But the mutated people will avoid green foods altogether.

Special Agent Unit for Protection:
The US government has formed a special agency now for the protection of the people. It is called  International Patrol Against Illegal Infestation (IPAII). This is a group of individuals who are sent around the world after reports of Mutant sightings. Their job is to protect the public from the Mutants. They do this by standing guard while a Normal tries to save a Mutant. They must also do what they can to help the Normals save the Mutants. Their uniform is casual, a black shirt with the identifying logo, green pants, but some agents prefer to wear green jackets, too. This is permitted for protection against the more determined Mutants. However, it has been known that wearing green is not always a protection. Therefore, it is not particularly encouraged among the public. Additional agencies formed in other various countries are being considered, also.
End of report.

JOIN NOW to purchase a shirt. By clicking through, you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. But of course, you are free to accept or refuse. If you refuse, you will then forfeit your right to become a member of the game.  You will need to go to the Rules of the Game page, listed at the top of this page, to read the rules.


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