First, you must get a shirt. At least one, in order to enter the game. This is necessary so you can be identified as a game player. You cannot go running into any place that contains a crowd of people without some identification to let them know you are not an escapee from some insane asylum. You’ll scare the daylights out of them and they will react accordingly. Not a good thing.

So click through the link at the bottom of this page to get your shirt. But you need to know that, by doing so, you are accepting the Terms of Use. But you are free to accept or refuse. If you refuse, you do not need to do anything else. You’ll just not be able to join in the game. If you do click through to purchase a shirt, it will mean you are accepting the Terms of Use and you will become a member of the game.
So get your shirt, or shirts, and your stickers, and let’s go have fun.

For RheAbi, players have to use stickers to tag players. Any red or green sticker will do. Can buy them very cheaply in stores.    
Red stickers to indicate Mutants
Green stickers to indicate Normals
black t-shirts- Mutants and Normals
black sweatshirts - Mutants and Normals
black t-shirts and sweatshirts for IPAII also.

All members wear black logo t-shirts or sweatshirts. Mutants and Normals can wear any color pants, but IPAII will need to wear green pants. Doesn’t matter what style or shade. Ladies can wear green skirts, if desired.

IPAII (International Patrol Against Illegal Infestation.) Will not use stickers.
Only the Mutants and Normals will use the stickers.

Only Normals can save Mutants. Save by placing a green sticker anywhere on the t-shirt or sweatshirt and pulling off the red one, if there is any.
Only Mutants can create Mutants. Create by sticking on a red sticker and removing the green, if any.
The IPAII are there to prevent the Mutants from interfering with the Normals when they are trying to save the Mutants. They are there to protect the general public, also, while the Normals are trying to save a Mutant. IPAII cannot be turned, mostly. There are exceptions. They cannot save Mutants, either.

Announcements will be sent out via email every Friday by 3pm, EST. Notification of Mutant spotting at certain locations. Sometimes, there will be no specific name of place, just general type of place. Then play begins.
Play is - members will don the appropriate clothing to begin a game. If a member chooses to be a Normal during a game, then must wear the shirt that is for Normal. Will not have to place any sticker on your own shirt.
If a member chooses to be a Mutant during the game, then must wear the shirt for Mutant. Will not have to wear a sticker to start game.
If a member chooses to be an IPAII during the game, then must wear the appropriate shirt for IPAII. Must also wear the green pants. Or if the member is a female and is a member of certain religions that require females to wear skirts, then the skirt must be green. Any shade or style.
All factions must start the game by wearing the attire they choose for that game. They will not have to change their attire if they are changed or saved. The stickers will suffice from then on, will let everyone know which each player is as the game progresses. They just continue with the game and will see how they end up when the game is over. Games are usually played for 6 hours, but can be played for however long the members want..                                            
The play will begin by the Mutants changing Normals into Mutants. And the Normals trying to save the Mutants by transforming (saving) them back. This is done by placing the appropriate sticker on the shirt of the member they are trying to change or save and removing the other sticker.
Normals will go to find Mutants. Not necessarily together. Mutants will try to prevent themselves from being saved. While trying to save Mutants, Normals may have to fight off other Mutants to do that, but the IPAII should be present to stop the Mutants. Mutants will be at the designated place. Mutants will want to be there to create other Mutants.

At the same time, Mutants will try to move toward Normals, and even IPAII,  to turn them. The Normals will try to run away, try to stay away from them, while trying to turn them back into Normals. The Mutants are not in their right minds and so will view the Normals, and IPAII, as enemies, which of course they are. If Normals find the Mutants, they will run to them to try to save them. The IPAII will try to help the Normals. All play is done without weapons. The only thing they all carry for the game are the stickers.

Players must choose which character they will play at the beginning of each game. Can choose to be a different character in another RheAbi game. But should remain wearing the shirt of the chosen character until each game is completed. The players will determine when each game is ended.

All roam the streets, looking for other players, carefully watching to avoid traffic. Players must maintain their safety at all times. Players will be identified by t-shirts or sweatshirts. The RheAbi emblem will be on the shirts.

Game will not be played during terrible weather, unless played indoors. Or at each player’s discretion.

T-shirts and sweatshirts have to be black so stickers will stand out better. If shirt gets destroyed, players will have to get another one.

Be best if players buy both colors of stickers for each game. Can get during week. As many as you want.

Stickers should be placed on back of shirts above emblem to stand out. But anywhere is all right.

Members will receive the email notices of each game. In the title bar will be - RheAbi. In the comments section will be the instructions.

To repeat more clearly now:

To begin.                                    
Every Friday by 3p, an email will be sent out to every member with just the word RheAbi in the subject bar. In the comments place will be the words ‘New Instructions’ with the instructions written out. There will be a link to the blog in case you have questions. The blog will also have the instructions written out.
Each player will go to the blog, if there are any questions, post them immediately so they can get answered before the weekend game begins. Instructions will be simple.
Then each player will decide which character they will be for that particular game, either a Normal, or a Mutant, or an IPAII. Then each player will don the appropriate attire for that character. Will gather up their stickers, both colors, and set out.

The games will be played on Saturdays, with repeats on Sundays, if the members want. The game can also be played any time during the week, if the players want to. It is entirely up to the players, but there will be no instructions coming from the game website during the week. However, it is all right if the players want to make up their own instructions for the games played during the week, if it is not all right to use the instructions from the prior weekend. Just make sure all Rules and Terms of Use are followed explicitly.

Each game will be played for up to 6 hours, beginning whenever the group of members need it to. Each player will go out and hunt down the opposing group and create Mutants or change them back to Normals. Only Normals and Mutants can be changed. IPAII cannot be changed, except for some. It is not known how, but some IPAII do fall victim to the Mutants  Otherwise, they are always Normals. They will go out and try to help the Normals save the Mutants.

The goal:
To save everyone. Get everyone back to being Normals.
The Mutants will resist this rigorously. But there must not be any fist fights or use of weapons involved. No hurting anyone in any manner.
When each game is over, all members must meet at a designated place and count how many each group has saved or mutated. The group that has the most count wins the game.
The IPAII will not be in the final count unless they, too, have been transformed or saved.

JOIN NOW to purchase a shirt. By clicking through, you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. But of course, you are free to accept or refuse. If you refuse, then you forfeit your right to become a member of the game. Be sure to read the Terms of Use.

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